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William Lawrence "Larry" Hawkins

date of birth September 18 1951

date of death September 28 2011

William Lawrence Hawkins was born in Rome, Georgia on September 18, 1951, to Tim and Martha Hawkins. He died on September 28, 2011, of complications related to Multiple Myeloma.  He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Rome, and sang in the Rome Boys Club Choir. He graduated  as class valedictorian from Darlington School in 1969, and was named a National Merit Scholar. He attended Georgia Tech and studied Electrical Engineering.  He soon after began his career in building and installing pipe organs, and became internationally known for his expertise in designing, installing and voicing pipe and electronic organs.  Larry was a beloved friend by all who knew him in the organ industry, the music industry, and in his community. He is survived by his mother, his wife, Janice, and son, Tim of Beaverton, Oregon, and numerous relatives.   The family suggests that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Larry’s memory to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. A Celebration of Larry's life is scheduled for 3:00 p.m., on Sunday October 2, 2011 at the Valley Community Presbyterian Church 8060 SW Brentwood St., Portland.


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Candle lit by Staff at Autumn Funerals, Cremation & Burial Our sincere condolences.

Candle lit by Janelle Kennedy For my Sweet Uncle, of whom Iove and respect. You will be greatly missed.

Candle lit by julie kennedy love you uncle larry, will miss your warm stories and laughter xoxooxo

Candle lit by Janice

Candle lit by Janice My wonderful, handsome and talented husband, how I will miss you here. But you're not gone; you are here with us in spirit, and you are celebrating your new life in Heaven with your Savior! Oh, the joy you must be experiencing right now! I love you, and I will continue on with my life with the knowledge that I was privileged to be loved by you. My love for you cannot be put into words. I rejoice in the knowledge that I will see you again!

Candle lit by Chuck Ford Your were like a brother, and shared your joy, music, knowledge and friendship with so many. Your courageous battle with cancer was heroic, and you've won by slipping out the side door to go back Home to the source of all Love. Your journey amoung us is complete, but you will be so missed.

Candle lit by Steven A. Protzman Dear Janice and Tim, I am deeply saddened to hear of Larry's death and know that I am holding you both in my thoughts and prayers. I will always be grateful to him for the many things he taught me about organ building and the great conversations we had as we drove to the Rodgers Organ Company in his little blue sports car and listened to modern organ music. May you find peace and comfort as you grieve his death and celebrate his remarkable life.

Candle lit by Jason Neumann-Grable I' so glad I had the privilege of working (and kicking back) with Larry on several Walker jobs. He was a fastidious craftsmen (not to mention an electronic genius) and I learned a lot from him. I presume he's having lunch with Dear Heart as we speak - - - - - Take care of yourself, Tim and Janice. We're available to help with anything.

Candle lit by Chaz Dewsbury Larry was truly a renaissance man with a God given talent to excel in nearly any realm that he set his heart and mind to conquer. He was a fine composer and musician, software and electrical engineer, a writer, pilot, draftsman, mechanic, craftsman. His boundless intellect seemed to know no fear and he was always willing to share his knowledge and help solve problems for anyone who asked for his help. I was privileged to work closely with Larry for many years and as a friend I was also privy to his mischievous, fun loving side. Even now I can’t help but smile when I think of some of the hilarious moments we shared together. Above all though, I would have to say that Larry was honest. You always knew exactly where you stood with him and he did not tolerate unethical behavior in business, or personal affairs. We had our share of disagreements and trying situations, but our friendship always came out on top. We learned from our trials, moved forward and never lost respect for each other. What more can you ask of a friend, if not that? I learned something from nearly every interaction we had together and I will never forget his hard working, fun loving spirit.

Candle lit by Don Stanley Larry was a special friend! I will always treasure the memories of our 'after-hour' visits when he would stop by to chat, while working late on a project. Always a smile, and willing to share his knowledge and experience!

Candle lit by Don Stanley Larry was a special friend! I will always treasure the memories of our 'after-hour' visits when he would stop by to chat, while working late on a project. Always a smile, and willing to share his knowledge and experience!

Candle lit by Steve Duncan To the Mariner of Awtrey Church Road - and you're now free.

Candle lit by Linda Sharpe May your soul be held in God's countence. Namaste dear one.

Candle lit by Rick Anderson Larry will always be remembered with fondness by a host of people he worked with over the years in custom organ projects - local dealer personnel and the church musicians at all the various organs he designed and installed. An extraordinary engineer that understood the technology and the organ's use, he was also a genuinely nice guy. It is sad that he left us so early.

Candle lit by Ron Smith From age 10 to 17 Lawrence and I were best friends in Rome Georgia. I was there when he got his first car a white 1965 mustang, on his first date on double date with him that car, when he got a ticket for going 100 miles per hour, a road trip to Lexington to see a girl he met on vacation in Florida where we listend to "Born to be Wild" on 8 track at leat 50 times. The stories I could tell- we shaped each others lives and I still tell stories about our childhood. I think of him often. 404-338-8512(for some more wonderful stories of growing up in Rome georgia)

Candle lit by Tom Goodapple Larry and I go back a long ways -- to the mid 70's when we both started with Rodgers Organ. We were much alike (except that he was smarter and did most things better than me), thought alike and enjoyed each other's company. I guess he was the nearest thing to an idol I had. I'm left with so many memories of the experiences we shared, on and off the job, and will miss him greatly. I take comfort in the fact that his suffering is now at an end, and he's in a much happier place. Nonetheless, Carol and my deepest sympathies go out to his family -- and I hope we can remain close in our earthly time, Janice.

Candle lit by Linda Kennedy Johansson I was blessed to know Lawrence as a small child in church, 5th Avenue Baptist in Rome, Ga. I actually think he MAY have been my 1st "love" as I could not keep from talking about "Arns" every time we attended Sunday school and church, which was every Sunday! My Mother and I hold Martha, Janice, and young Tim in our prayers. I lost my younger brother Randy, 4 years ago. He was in Colorado, a Ga. Tech engineer also and reading the responses on line brought back a flood of memories!My email is, phone 404 252 5555. I am sending a card to Autumn Funerals for it to be forwarded to Janice. My Mother still lives in Rome and I would like to visit Martha. Mother, Martha, and Lawrence's aunt Evelyn were friends years ago. I feel I have missed a lot by not knowing Lawrence as he grew up and made God and man happier and pleased and blessed to have known him! Rest in Peace, Arns, I know God has a lot of work for you in Heaven!I loved you when I was less than 5, and at 60, I mourn I missed the BEST of YOU!!! Peace be with your family. Love, Linda Kennedy Johansson

Candle lit by Bill Gaffney Larry was a perfect example of a student and a friendly person in high school. He will be missed.

Candle lit by Gray Morrison I was Lawrence's classmate at Darlington and Georgia Tech - as the '69 Class Agent - I circulated the announcement below: Our quiet "geek" Valedictorian has passed from Multiple Myeloma in Oregon. I can call him quiet :) - because I was one of his friends both at Darlington and Georgia Tech. Feel free to "Light a Candle" on his obituary page above. Attached above that is his senior picture page with all the other nonsense on the page that Lawrence would never even consider. For his last 5 months at Darlington he joined us in the dormitories - Jay Feldman was his roommate. Across the hall, the antithesis of Lawrence - Martin and Moorefield. Often at Georgia Tech with Lawrence, who later preferred "Larry", I would see him and shout out "Hey, Lawrence - HOW'S IT GOING!".... to which he would muster a low-key "Hi". Entering Georgia Tech, he started out with Bates as a Sophomore placing out of Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. This was an impossible task where you could take a 3-hr exam in the subject and THEN be interviewed by a professor who orally grilled you in the subject. So, he started at the Sophomore level instead of the "weed-out" Freshman courses where everyone else socialized under the joint torture. This somewhat isolated him, but I still went out of my way to search him out on campus as he outdistanced his mortal peers. He was in Electrical Engineering and was on a pace so fast that he was gone by 1972... the rest of us escaped in 1973 or later. We will all certainly miss his quiet interactions at the reunions.

Candle lit by Daniel Erdman Lawrence (as he was known at Darlington) and I shared a lot of classes in high school as well as singing together. He always had a ready smile and an unmistakable laugh that reflected his zest for living. Blessings to all who mourn his passing.

Candle lit by Chuck Moorefield God Bless you all. You are remembered in my thoughts and prayers.

Candle lit by Richard Calhoun So sorry to hear this. Lawrence Hawkins ... The unbeaten, untied, undisputed champion of Mr. Cobb's Latin classes. We'll all miss him.

Candle lit by Piero Ruffatti, Padova, Italy I first knew Larry in the early 70's, while working on the Atlanta Cathedral pipe organ installation. I was very impressed by his ability to find solutions to problems and the humble way he presented himself. We worked together on a pipe organ installation In Berkeley, Ca, before he moved to Oregon, and I remember that time with great pleasure. After many years, our roads crossed again recently, when we cooperated on another organ project and I was gald for that opportunity: it was like a reunion after a very long time. I am very sorry for his passing and I present my sincere condolences to his family and friends