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Lisa (Sturm) Wojtasiewicz

date of birth June 3 1944

date of death December 29 2019

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Candle lit by Roberta Traver Lisa and I have known each other since we were freshmen in high school, and while we drifted apart periodically over the years, we always seemed to find a comfortable way of communicating again when we had contact information. She excelled at writing, so that's how we usually connected. Her compassion and passion for animals always stood out as a defining part of her character and she rescued many cats and dogs over the years. But my favorite memory is of the letters we exchanged when we were in college, across the country from each other. She had a unique, quirky sense of humor and she told such hilarious stories of mishaps and encounters that my roommates looked forward to her letters nearly as much as I did. These epistles were so funny that I would be crying and bent over from lack of breath as I read them. Naturally others wanted to know what was so funny so I'd read parts aloud and we'd all be shrieking with laughter. She would have appreciated how her words affected us, and it's the way I prefer to remember her: usually able to see the humor in situations, and helping me to see it with that unique LISA way of expressing herself. You will be missed.

Candle lit by Rosalie Nowalk I got to know Lisa when I captioned her classes at PCC. She took lots of interesting classes! Mainly, though, she loved those which involved writing. She had an idea for a script about the inhumane seal harvest that she had witnessed in her younger years on the Pribilof Islands. She spent years perfecting it. (One of the cuter seal characters in the script she named after me!) It sure would be great if that script became the movie she had envisioned for so long. Lisa had the prettiest eyes, and she was truly one of the most compassionate people I have met in this life. The animal world was where she felt most at home. If there is a "heaven," I hope that Lisa and her big old doggy, Friday, who had gone before her, are reunited there and are running through green fields and the birds sing for Lisa and Lisa is laughing. Love you, Lisa.

Candle lit by Staff at Autumn Funerals, Cremation & Burial Our sincere condolences.