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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it that Autumn’s charges are so much less than other funeral homes?

This is a great question that requires a fairly detailed answer.  There are many factors that contribute to this and we’ll address the primary reasons here:

  1. We are privately owned – as a family owned business we are in a position to operate very efficiently and share that savings with our client families. While the many Portland area funeral homes are owned by large, out-of-state corporations with a Board of Directors that require a profit, we are a small Oregon business that shares the savings with you.
  2. We do not have a large and expensive funeral home building and property – we operate out of a more conservative facility to help reduce cost.  We moved into our new facility on March 1, 2010 and we are very proud to share it with our families.  We think you will agree that it is beautiful and we hope you find it to be a refreshing change from the expensive, traditional funeral homes that you’ve known in the past, however, as you will see, it is designed to be comforting and professional rather than impressive and stately.
  3. We own and operate a private cremation facility – our very own state-of-the-art cremation facility allows us to perform cremation services with the greatest efficiency.  Very few cremation facilities operate as efficiently as ours because we use the most advanced cremation equipment available today.  Furthermore, very few funeral homes actually own the cremation facilities and they must outsource this service to a third party.  That third party makes a profit in addition to the funeral home’s profit.
  4. We perform our own transportation services – our own fleet of vehicles, and a professional staff to operate them, allows us to enjoy even more savings.  Once again, many funeral homes outsource this service to a third party that also requires a profit.  With Autumn, you are dealing with our staff and our vehicles and you can enjoy the savings with us.

Who owns Autumn?

Autumn Funerals, Cremation & Burial is locally owned and operated by a small Oregon corporation called Cascade Funeral Directors, Inc.  Autumn’s founder, Shari Hammel, joined business interests with Cascade in order to improve efficiencies and assure her client families that she could offer her affordable prices for many years to come.  Shari is still active in the day to day operations of Autumn and you are likely to see her there most any day.  You are also likely to meet “Doc”, Shari’s dachshund and Autumn’s resident mascot.  He loves company!

Where does cremation take place?

Cascade Cremation Center, our private cremation facility, is located at 8972 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road, Tualatin, Oregon 97062.  It is conveniently located just off I-5 and I-205 and is only minutes from our office in Tigard.  We are proud of the facility and can arrange a private tour if you would like – simply call us and ask to schedule a visit with a crematory operator and learn about the cremation process.

If we have pre-paid arrangements at another funeral home can you still help us?

Certainly - By Oregon law, the funds for all per-paid services must be deposited in a funeral trust account or held in a funeral insurance account.  These are your funds until the time of death and they are always transferable.  We can help you with the transfer process as well.

If the death happens while we are traveling, what do we do?

Almost every major city has operations similar to Autumn and we can guide your family in the right direction if this happens.  Some providers try to sell “Travel Plans” which are very seldom used and prove to only make additional profits for that business.  We do not offer or sell travel plans for this very reason.  In almost every situation, we can assist you with cremation or transportation at very reasonable rates without paying an insurance company for something you are most likely never going to need.

How do I get started with planning the arrangements?

We usually prefer that you come to our office because there’s so much to show you and talk about – and we like to meet our families in person.  However, if it’s unlikely that you can come in to meet us, here are several other options:

  • You can plan online with this website – simply go to the “Forms” page
    • Complete the Registration Form and email it or fax it
    • If choosing cremation, download and print the “Cremation Authorization” page and fax it to our office after it is complete
    • Review the Obituary General Guidelines, complete and submit as desiredus
    • If choosing burial, select a casket from the “Caskets” page
    • Call our office to discuss these forms and make certain we have everything
  • You can call us and we can make arrangements by phone and fax
  • We can mail the necessary paperwork to you and you can return it by mail